FusionLDB Ledger Database Technology from Ld8a Ltd

Ld8a Ltd provides the market leading technology for the delivery of centralised ledger database solutions. FusionLDB from Ld8a “fuses” the combined strengths of relational database functionality with the business requirement to hold verifiable data in an immutable ledger.

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FusionLDB elements

The benefits of ledger database solutions have been brought to global attention with the announcement of the Quantum Ledger Database (QuantumLDB) centralised ledger database offering from AWS. FusionLDB from Ld8a Ltd is a far superior alternative ledger database offering which has unprecedented advantages for meeting modern enterprise requirements.

AWS describe the use cases for Ledger databases very succinctly with the following description:-  

“Ledgers are typically used to record a history of economic and financial activity in an organization. Many organizations build applications with ledger-like functionality because they want to maintain an accurate history of their applications’ data, for example, tracking the history of credits and debits in banking transactions, verifying the data lineage of an insurance claim, or tracing movement of an item in a supply chain network.”

AWS then go on to say that “…building audit functionality with relational databases is time-consuming and prone to human error. It requires custom development, and since relational databases are not inherently immutable, any unintended changes to the data are hard to track and verify.”

This is absolutely WRONG!!  FusionLDB introduces a new class of relational database functionality which directly challenges the limitations of QuantumLDB by combining the business benefits of ledger database capabilities and relational data management into a single solution making application development significantly easier.

FusionLDB inherently provides full relational and referential capabilities bringing a wholly simplified approach to application development.

All database record creation and record amendment is processed by appending data which is cryptographically locked. This ensures that all data in FusionLDB is made immutable – it cannot be altered or deleted – meaning that it is easy to verify whether there have been unintended modifications to the application data.

FusionLDB uses a physical append only paradigm ensuring all application data inserts, deletes, updates, and corrections to all these database actions are never lost and easy to retrieve.

FusionLDB uses a standard SQL interface and by being “time friendly” makes application development a whole lot simpler!

FusionLDB Ledger Database Benefits

Autonomous Effective Date Management

The key central technical benefit of FusionLDB is the provision of autonomous effective date management. Managing the periods of effect for business transactions traditionally with Valid From and Valid To is probably the biggest challenge for any enterprise system. Creating and managing history and audit tables is a standard way of capturing the history and future states of business data. FusionLDB removes this complication for developers by moving the design and development complexity into the database infrastructure. FusionLDB delivers autonomous effective date management by removing the need for the data modelling design process to have date fields in the table designs. The data model below underpins a nuclear fuel management system where every piece of business data needs to be stored such that all states of the data can be reported for any point in time. Note that none of the tables have a date or time field yet the operational system enables the easy input, update, and deletion of data as well as corrections to this data. This is what is meant by autonomous effective date management.  Additionally, reporting what was known and when it was known is provided by simple standard select queries. The overall benefit of this capability is estimated as a 60% saving against current development and system management costs. Indeed, it is probably more, taking the specific example below, the project to deliver the application using standard history tables with columns holding date and time values was never completed.

Full relational data design and development

FusionLDB supports standard relational data modelling and relational data management. Unlike other offerings, FusionLDB supports the complete range of referential rules addressing how updates and corrections to data are handled in business time.  The design process enables use of standard relational database modelling tools. The required relational data model is easily loaded into the FusionLDB environment and standard SQL code is used to insert, manipulate and report on the business data.

Point in Time and Time Series reporting

Reporting in FusionLDB is very much simplified for the developer.  FusionLDB holds data in a “time friendly” and referentially consistent pattern which makes all reporting both more performant and easier. The same select statement can be executed for any point in journal entry time and effective time without complex “Where” clauses. Additionally, as the data is held in a “time friendly” pattern, FusionLDB enables the execution of time series reporting in a way which would not be possible with traditional relational database designs. This actually removes the need for data warehouse solutions for a good section of business reporting needs.

Standard SQL and simple to code

FusionLDB supports standard and unrestricted use of SQL. This means that the environment looks and feels exactly like a normal relational database environment and allows use of all SQL functions and procedures. As the developer is relieved from having to accommodate audit tables and audit trails, coding is greatly simplified and productivity significantly improved.

Immutable and Transparent

FusionLDB tracks each application data change and maintains a complete and sequenced history of changes over time in a single relational database. The data is appended to the database and cannot be physically deleted or modified. The full logical history of your database can be accessed and you can query and analyze the history to see how your data with full referential integrity has changed over journal entry time and effective time. This includes all corrective actions which have required logical changes to data ie corrective changes to inserts, updates and deletes.

Cryptographically Verifiable

With FusionLDB, you can verify that the history of changes to your application data is accurate. FusionLDB uses the cryptographic hash function (SHA-256) to secure all records in the database tables. This means that the integrity of the database is maintained for all data changes.

Highly Scalable

The first release of FusionLDB uses the Oracle database infrastructure and is highly scalable. By using the Oracle database infrastructure the volume of transaction throughput is much greater than can be achieved through common blockchain frameworks. Blockchain frameworks are decentralized so to execute a transaction, they require a majority of members of the network to reach consensus on the validity of the transaction. FusionLDB is a centralized design, allowing its transactions to execute without the need for multi-party consensus.


With FusionLDB, you don’t have to worry about provisioning capacity or configuring read and write limits. The Oracle database infrastructure is a proven platform for accommodating the scaling requirements to support the demands of your application. The Oracle database infrastructure provides comprehensive system facilities to ensure  the operational health of your database. These system facilities report on operational metrics such as read-events, write-events, storage, etc…

Easy to Use

FusionLDB’s familiar database capabilities make it easy to use. FusionLDB’s  SQL and SQL-like language interface allows you to query, manage and update your data using SQL operators.

Powerful 3rd party integration

As FusionLDB holds data in a very “time friendly” and relationally structured pattern, the data is readily accessible by 3rd party tools. eg reporting via Power BI or Excel. As FusionLDB supports the full use of Oracle database facilities, straightforward SQL queries and Oracle procedures enable Power BI dashboards to present data in business transforming ways! Businesses are now able to quickly provide powerful client reporting with a true wow factor! 


Altus Investments provides personal, full-service and conflict-free, multi-family office solutions to high-net-worth families.

"Altus provide investment management solutions covering traditional and alternative strategies, less liquid private debt, asset-backed lending and direct property investments. In order to deliver the highest levels of financial service Altus looks to provide the most functionally rich IT capabilities to our clients whilst maintaining procedural excellence in compliance. We looked at AWS QuantumLDB and FusionLDB and assessed the FusionLDB environment to be superior in all aspects. FusionLDB delivers market leading functionality for the service capabilities we need to provide to our customers. The ability to verify system integrity and deliver comprehensive compliance are critical factors."

Andrew Trower – CEO, Altus Investments

Blue Water Capital and Compliance provides regulated financial services to global businesses raising funds in the UK.

“BWC operates in a heavily regulated industry, and it is critical that our compliance data is correct and auditable. With FusionLDB we look forward to having a complete and verifiable history of every change in our system, making it simple to demonstrate all states of the data which underpinned our decision making at any point in time. Regulatory compliance is a fact of life for financial organisations, and FusionLDB enables us to easily track the controls we have in place and understand how they have changed over time and most importantly the impact of corrections to data and delayed entry of information.”

Henry Porter – CEO, Blue Water Capital