About us

About us

Ld8a Ltd develops leading ledger database technology that provides transparent, immutable, and cryptographic functionality for relational data storage and access. Ld8a Ltd provides unrivalled technology for centralised immutable data management.

FusionLDB is "time friendly" and therefore "developer friendly"

Ld8a Ltd owns and develops IP which underpins the leading solutions for centralised immutable data management.

Ld8a Ltd is derived as a phonetic abbreviation for “Ledger Data Ltd” where “L” is for the word Ledger and  “d8a” is for the word data. Somewhat corny but we wanted to capture what the company represents in as few letters/digits as possible (and have a memorable domain name!).

Ld8a technology combines two very powerful concepts. The two concepts are:-

  • The relational model for the management of business processes and business data continues to be the most appropriate for many areas of global business transactional requirements.
  • The growing public and business demand for immutability in data management such that any data repository can be totally verified.

Ld8a Ltd has achieved an approach to data management which fully satisfies these two demands:-

  • Firstly, the Ld8a methodology allows for the standard use of the SQL query language and full use of the key underpinning concepts of relational application development. By this we mean that the relational concepts of referential integrity and entity integrity and primary and foreign keys are completely supported in a way that makes it easy for application creation in the context of the ledger system of record. The key feature of this is that all logical insert, logical update and logical delete data changes (and corrections to insert, update and delete actions) are captured relationally in a physical, append only paradigm ie Ld8a technology enables a complete and sophisticated system of record to be maintained for all data activity.
  • Secondly, the Ld8a technology delivers cryptographic locking for all data inserts, updates and deletes such that the system of record is tamper proof. All existing data in an Ld8a system cannot be physically modified. All logical data modifications result in new data being appended and therefore the system of record retains complete integrity and can be easily verified.

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