Solution Co-Creation

Ld8a wants to promote solution co-creation and will provide the data design and a working database system for a pilot or proof of concept business requirement free of charge.

Business data management requirements simplified...

The power of the FusionLDB environment means that complex business data management requirements become very much simplified. For example, as FusionLDB removes the need for data architects to devise audit trail strategies one significant part of development is removed at a stroke.

To demonstrate the power of FusionLDB, Ld8a is keen to provide the data modelling and design work (free of charge!) for a key business requirement.

Examples of business requirements where Ld8a is keen to provide a co-creation data management solution include:-

  • organisations where an “easy access” audit is required for complex business processes. This solution works alongside existing systems and simply takes a data feed into FusionLDB and makes data easily available for “what you knew and when you knew it” reporting.
  • business reporting which currently require a data warehouse solution. As FusionLDB stores transactional data in a “time friendly” pattern, we can provide time series reporting in real time. There are clearly enterprise requirements for data warehouse solutions but FusionLDB removes the need for a large set of data warehouse reporting requirements.
  • organisations which are going through, or expect to go through, a lot of change. FusionLDB is a great environment for modelling and capturing data for future organisational states whilst maintaining the present organisational state. FusionLDB is ideal for capturing multiple future states and revisions to these future states in readiness for a seamless, live operation go live.
  • organisations which want to overhaul data management strategies and want to explore approaches for holding data which implicitly provide regulatory compliance and provide development and operational cost savings.
  • organisations which have large schedules of assets and contracts where there is a requirement for one off or ongoing audit. Eg department or company mergers where there is a short term need for rapid change management.

Ld8a will provide a free of charge pilot or proof of concept environment with an appropriate data model to capture and manage the business requirements.

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